Texting Google 466453

How do I text google?  Google has a great lookup tool for cell phones – it’s “Google SMS” mobile texting service.  All you have to do is simply text the number “466453” and then type what you are looking for (e.g. Pizza, haircut, background checks) and then your ZIP Code.  It even works for movies, just type in the name of the movie you want to see (CLOVERFIELD, 90254) and it will give you a list of all the showtimes in your zip codes, complete with address and telephone information.  

On some phones the telephone numbers are point-and-click accessible, making this service totally easier to use than mobile web browsing.   the Blackberry and Helio phones all point and click phone number access. 

PC World wants your online dating yarns

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PC World is looking for online dating war stories for an upcoming Valentine’s Day article. 

“We’ve seen the happy endings, now let’s hear about the wacky hijinks . . .  You know, like the time your online date showed up with her/his/its pet ferret and kept calling her/his/its mother every five minutes”

Sounds like they really needs some good stories because these examples are horrible.  I have noticed many female 30-somethings expressing the symptoms of “eHarmony Fatigue” and are unmotivated to re-up for 3 more months.   Why?  They state that it is a lot of work!   They are tired of filling out the required online match questions  and then going out on lunch dates and Sunday dinner dates with boring guys. 

Perhaps this has addressed something that everyone is unwilling to state: the type of guy motivated to signup for eHarmony is not very interesting.  Allowing a software program to send you matches is an emasculating experience.  It is the same as getting set up by your mother; for a real man, this is not optimal.  At a most basic sub-textual level, men like the thrill of the hunt and women want to be chased.  eHarmony, while innovative, removes the danger from dating.  When you remove the danger, both men and women end up unsatisfied. 




Internet Dating Safety Act sets the industry abuzz

idate2008 graphic

New Jersey’s brand new Internet Dating Safety Act is the britney spears of the online dating industry.   Looks like they’ve modified the agenda iDate2008 to discuss this hot topic. 

Peter McGreevy, an attorney with McGreevy & Henle, LLP, will discuss the status and details of the legislation.

Will this legislation inspire additional measures in other states?  Will internet dating websites provide more transparency users residing in New Jersey only, or will they open up to every user?  What happens if you are a NJ user and date someone in the Big Apple? 

online dating sites can provide background checks on users and also pass the cost onto the users.  This is an additional revenue stream that seriously limits possible litigation down the road from sexual predators. 


New Jersey Governor signs first online dating bill

New Jersey, land of Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, is now the first state with legislation about online dating, saidThe People’s Media Company.

“New Jersey’s new public safety law requires online dating sites to disclose whether criminal background screenings are performed, as well as to provide safety tips to members.”

While the law, signed on January 14th, 2008, doesn’t mandate background checks, it’s a step in the right direction.   This law will raise help awareness about the potential risks of online dating, which most users either don’t know or don’t want to know.  It’s hard enough worrying about whether your date’s headshot was taken 10 years ago; who wants to worry about their possible criminal background?   Now, online dating firms will give Jersey girls one less thing to worry about. 

Want to date (buy) me?


 According to JTA Breaking News the parent company of Jewish online dating site JDAte.com is current for sale.   The stock (AMEX: LOV) closed today at 5.48 (down 3%), and apparently has a market value of $131.4 Million.   Reuters says that the sale could go for as much as $185 M.  

Reuters also mentioned that “Spark Networks posted a 5 percent drop in revenue for the first nine months of 2007 to $49.2 million as its Web sites geared to a wider audience lost ground to larger rivals.” 

Is it a good time to buy a parent company with a basket of niche dating sites?  In a possibly rocky financial 2008, will online dating pan out as a consumer necessity or a discretionary purchase?  Maybe everyone will ditch the 3 month re-up and start getting out to bars more.  At least, for women, the drinks are free. 

 No matter what, make sure you get that background check on your next date.

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