Author Gordon Basichis Selected for List of 100 Top Facebook Authors

As some may have noticed, by day I am a co-founder of Corra Group, specializing in background checks and corporate research on a global basis.  But I have long been a writer, an author, in fact, a novelist who sold my first book at twenty-five years of age.   I still enjoy writing novels and long form non-fiction works, even if at times I wonder if there are more than twelve people in the universe who actually read.  Just kidding.  I know there are a couple of dozen at these.

While I consider myself a decent and successful business person, hat literary side the creeps in every now and then, causing me to abandon all  he distractions in the wee hours of the night, so I can sit down and write something.   The last thing, a romantic mystery thriller, modern California Noir, was The Blood Orange.

I have been told there are some eight thousand plus authors on Facebook, so I am proud to be selected as number 50 in Ron’s list of 100 top Facebook authors.

You can find my other works listed, among other places, on this Amazon link….

Anyway, on that note…I just wanted to thank Ron Knight, Purveyor of Middle Room for including me this year on his list of 100 Top Authors on Facebook.   Ron contributes on a daily basis insights into the modern publishing world and the writers of today, their challenges and triumphs.     His website , Up, and  his posting son Facebook are always entertaining and informative.  Here is the link….

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Gordon Basichis’ Novel, The Constant Travellers, Selected for China Amazon Store

Just shows to go you, sometimes the fates smile, or at least start laughing at you for having the temerity to see the irony in all things. My first novel, The Constant Travellers, is now up in the Chinese Amazon store. Forever, I was a mere phantom on the China literary scene, probably because of my roman a clef, The Guys Who Spied for China. Funny thing is, while Chinese Espionage efforts may be deemed by the government unfitting for the perusal of the Chinese Intellect, Constant Travellers is just fine with them. Which is the metaphysical Western Fantasy dealing with Sex, Drugs, in the West that Never Was. This is the version picked up by iUniverse in its Author’s Guild Back in Print Program. The original novel was first published by Putnam’s, in the Year of our Lord…well the date was inscribed in chisel and stone. I was twenty six-years-old or 27 when Putnam’s first let it loose.

The original cover was designed for G.P. Putnams Publishing by Ron Walotsky. Ron Ron Walotsky was a science fiction and fantasy artist who enjoyed a long and prolific career painting book and magazine covers, including Stephen King, Anne Rice,[2] Bruce Sterling, Roger Zelazny, Robert Silverberg and many others….This cover was in Ron’s earlier years. He was kind enough to sell me the original painting for the book cover. It still hangs in my living room. The digital eBook version of the Constant Travellers, is adorned by the original cover.