Tough Times and No Cosmetic Surgery Can Leave You Hanging

Cosmetic surgery business sags as purse strings tighten

After years of steady growth, the multibillion-dollar industry has hit a rough patch. Consumers are cutting back on discretionary spending.

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

April 5, 2008

It used to be a high point of Goldy Anthony’s life. Every six weeks or so, as a kind of personal morale booster, she and a group of girlfriends would make appointments to see a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for little touch-ups — getting lips plumped and frown lines on the forehead smoothed out. He was “an artist” with Botox and Juvederm, she said.

Afterward, in a carefree mood, the ladies would dine at a popular restaurant on the Sunset Strip.

No more. The sub-prime loan crisis, the housing slump and the general decline of the economy have claimed another covey of victims. Anthony is in the real estate business, and under current conditions, the cosmetic treatments — at $1,800 or more a pop — can no longer be squeezed into her budget. It’s the same with others in the group.

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Corra doesn’t have to run a background check to safely say the downturn in cosmetic surgeries was one of the concerns during the Great Depression of the thirties. In fact, not only was most lifting, augmentation, implant, injection, collagen stuff around, concerns for the more visceral things like eating far outweighed the more narcissistic consideration.

But times change and so do priorities. Then it was eating and keeping roof over your head. Now it is gasoline that is driving us crazy. And, with the sub-prime catastrophe, we can also add keeping a roof over your head.

So back to the basics, meaning butts and bust lines. I suppose they will have to wait awhile, left to fend in their current states of suspension, with fewer implants and injections burning up the media and posing as possible health risks. I suppose, with the ever-rising cost of food and the hellish increase in gasoline prices, if you do less eating and more walking at least part of your appearance will take care of itself. For the rest of it, well people will have to take you as your are.

If you play your cards right, you will still find a date. Maybe you’ll even find that rich mate who will pick up the tab on your cosmetic surgery. Maybe. Even in tough times. But best to check him out fire. Run a background check and see if he really has the bucks he says he has.

Otherwise, smile for the world. Despite your lack of cosmetic attention, God loves you. Or not.

Smart and Powerful Women Who Do Foolish Things

At Corra we started running background checks for singles and daters because a fair amount of our female friends insisted we do so. For their protection.

Most of these women were successful women from their mid-thirties to their early fifties. They have money, status and plenty of clout. In business, they are well organized. Some that we know run their businesses like tight little ships. Everything is in its place. To everything there is an order. A procedure, if you will. And heaven forbid, the subordinates who fail to maintain that well oiled model of efficiency these women call their businesses.

So then, why is these same efficient, organized and successful women will drop everything and go running off to anywhere, because they met a man? Not just a special man. Any man. A man they don’t know, really. A man they met on the Internet. A man who, wisely, has pushed all the right buttons and whispered through cyberspace all the right phrases.

What in business would regarded as an intrusive phone call, in dating is the promise of lasting romance. It’s the chance at last to bond with their soul mates.

So when friends announced they are driving up to or taking a plane to anywhere to meet with this guy, we always ask the same tender question. “What are you out of your mind? You don’t even know the guy.”

But didn’t we see Sleepless in Seattle? Yes, of course. But that’s a movie. In real life it’s either Boring in Seattle or, worse, Slaughter in Seattle. Give me a hint where you are going, we say, just in case. In case of what? Where we can claim your body.

But, hey, who are we at Corra to rain on anyone’s parade? Especially single woman looking for love in all the wrong places and getting damned tired of the hunt. No more thrill of the chase. Especially women who are friends.

So we being the males we are, have to wonder, is it really that bad out there? I guess it is. Many trips to the county fair and not one lousy Teddy Bear could they win at the big arcade.