Minstrel’s Alley Preps The Blood Orange Novel for American Film Market

Minstrel’s Alley announced it was prepping its novel, The Blood Orange, for sale at the American Film Market, in early November. The Los Angeles based media company believes the five day event in Santa Monica provides access to the more than 1,0000 production companies that are not only looking to sell their currently produced films but are looking to hear pitches and buy new projects for future production.

“As a former film and television executive I understand the dynamics of the American Film Market,” said Minstrel’s Alley Publisher, M.J. Hammond. This is a great opportunity to meet with production executives and film distributors, to pitch them ideas and, in our case, hand them books we feel would make outstanding feature productions.

“I believe Minstrel’s Alleys has several books that could translate easily into excellent films,” said Hammond. “We believe The Blood Orange is just a natural for a film. More than any romantic mystery I’ve read in a long time, The Big Orange captures the reality of modern day Los Angeles. In this offbeat and character driven novel, the City of Los Angeles is a major character all to itself. This sultry thriller takes historic elements of the Old California and melds them with modern day Los Angeles. We see the divisions and dynamics of America’s most futuristic city.”

Hammond pointed out that Los Angeles is no longer just a city of glitz and glamour. It is more than just Tinsel Town. “This is one of the most influential cities in the world,” said Hammond. “In The Blood Orange, author,Gordon Basichis, writes of the internecine rivalries among the rich and powerful, which are layered over a city in possession of amazing cultural diversity. This is a great visual novel, detailing the multiple aspects of the city, its neighborhoods, and the lives of both the fabulously wealthy and the dreadfully desperate.


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