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Botox Lifts: The Next Breast Thing?

Cosmetic Toxin Used To Improve A Woman’s Posture, ‘Lift Up’ Breasts

Plastic Surgeons Disturbed By Practice, Warn Against ‘Off-Label’ Uses

NEW YORK (CBS) ― It is one of the most powerful, poisonous, and paralytic proteins known to man, yet why is dermatologic wonder-drug Botox – the cure-all phenomenon that’s taken the cosmetic world by storm – being injected into women’s breasts these days?

“Dermatologist to the Stars,” Dr. Patricia Wexler, proudly advertises the answer to that question at her Manhattan practice. The Murray Hill-based doctor, who has her own cosmetic line and has been featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” recently began offering Botox injections in the breast as a quick-fix for women who want to non-invasively give their breasts a temporary lift.

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Perhaps in some parts of the world, or at least in this country, there will be some who view this doctor as a bold new pioneer. And it may be true. Those women who wish to engage in the eternal war against gravity may find Botox injections to the breast a most useful weapon in their arsenal.

But then by the same token when scientific studies are starting to report the potential harmful effects of botox, I think it would give one pause before she stuck her breasts with a particular chemical solution that starts its own career in the universe as Botulinun toxin ,a deadly poison. In fact, as Wikipedia points out, it is one of the more deadly toxins in the world. A small amount can kill you.

It is deadlier than strychnine, which nearly everyone regards as a deadly poison. While it would take about six metric tons of strychnine to kill everyone in the world, it would take only a few hundred grams of botulinum to do the same nasty job. On lesser levels, meaning illness resulting in less than death, botulinum, even of the cosmetic variety, can cause muscle paralysis or such pesky little difficulties as respiratory failure, drooping eyelids or the ability to smile. While a small quantity of unadulterated botulinum can result in death and, as botulism, which is food ingested, can result in serious illness, we know little about the side effects about the extended effects of the cosmetic variety.

Only now are the suspicions about the cosmetic variety starting to emerge. What happens over time, well we just don’t know. But, hey, until the other shoe drops, you will have no worry lines and a really nice rack. Of course we may prove our suspicions that with enough injections the cosmetic form does travel into your brain stem. This is a bad thing, by the way, for those less initiated in diseases of the world. It is rumored that you actually do need a working brain, although after spending a day in LA traffic, you can’t necessarily prove it by me. What breast injections would do over time to a pair of breasts, may be equally as alarming.

I hardly blame anyone for trying Botox, the best known, as well as the other cosmetic versions of bolulinum that are manufactured by a variety of companies. There is a great deal of pressure on women not to age and to look good. Then there is the matter of vanity, sexual attraction and the self-awareness that you can still turn heads when you enter a room.

On top of which, there are a great deal of medical applications for the drug. It is used for excessive sweating, excessive peeing in children, and TMJ disorders. TMJ deals with your jaw and is painful and annoying. Any help is welcome help. The drug is also used for diabetic neuropathy and for healing wounds. So, like many other things, you have to take the bad with the good, right?

And there really is no actual bonafide proof that injecting cosmetic forms of botulinum has any adverse effects. Rumors, maybe. Suspicions. Empirical evidence. In conclusive studies. But no real proof. While I hat to rain on anyone’s parade, I remember the years spent in the great cigarette to lung cancer debate. In fact, back in the days of your I worked very briefly for a research group that was contracted by the tobacco lobby in an effort to prove cigarettes were not harmful to your health. So perhaps it will take a few more decades before we really know anything about the cosmetic effects of botlunim. It’s not like our usual study group, prison inmates who volunteer as subjects for such research, have a big desire to eliminate their frown lines or hike up their hooters.

The thing is that while we have a ribbon for nearly everything, including a pink ribbon for breast cancer, we contemplate injecting toxins into our bodies that may prove fatal or result in any matter of diseases. There is no doubt breast cancer, or any cancer, is a serious disease and warrants maximum concern. We are warned about BPA in plastics, phtalatesin cosmetics and perfumes, detergents, etc. We freak over the parabens in shampoos in skin care and hair care product. And we have fund raisers for those stricken by the variety of diseases these chemicals appear to bring on. But yet, while parade, have walks, runs, marathons, we turn around and pay good money in rough economic times to shoot a deadly toxin into our bodies. Are we not a schizophrenic world, or what?

Well, so far we have not selected a ribbon color for those suffering from long term complications of having cosmetic botulinum seeping into the brain stem. So far, anyway.

When Straight People Come Into Gay Neighborhoods

Necessity may be the Mother of Invention. But it is also proving to be the Mother of Accomodation and Tolerance. See article and comments below–

Straight Guys (No, Really—They’re Straight) Are Finding A Home In Gay Sports Leagues

by Cyd Zeigler Jr.

June 17th, 2008

Alon Hacohen had been playing football in adult leagues for years, but as guys hit their thirties, they had kids and moved to the ‘burbs. By chance, an online search for a league that played exclusively in Manhattan led Hacohen to “New York Flag Football.” A year later, he got a response—from the “New York Gay Flag Football League.”

Working in the flower industry, Hacohen, who is 36 and in a committed relationship with a girlfriend, was always comfortable around gay men, but even so . . . “I was reticent—not because it was a gay league, but I was used to a high level of play,” he recalls. “After the first pick-up game, there were guys who could really play, and I got excited.”

Hacohen was the first straight player in the league’s very first season in 2005. Now it has more than 200 members— including about a dozen straight guys who play “fag football” every season. The gay Big Apple Softball League fields some teams that are more than half straight. Estimates place the gay-bowling league at around 20 percent straight. In fact, every gay-sports league in the city probably has at least one straight player.

For the complete article go to the Village Voice.

It has been said many times that necessity is the mother of invention. It is also proving to be the mother of tolerance and accommodation. Upon reading this article, a good one, I was reminded of how this would play out just a decade or two ago,yet alone in the ancient times of lore.

More so, I thought of all the straight couples who are now moving into what are predominantly gay neighborhoods. At first it was surprising to see the appearance of strollers in such California neighborhoods as West Hollywood, in Los Angeles, and the Castro District, in San Francisco. But now it is commonplace.

Since I am a Californian I am well aware that these are not only safer neighborhoods with easy access to the markets, shops and all the other stuff we browse and buy, but these neighborhoods are well maintained. You get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy or lease housing in these neighborhoods. Small wonder straight couples are moving in with little junior. Unlike in previous years, a new generation of couples has no problem exposing young child to alternate lifestyles, namely the gay lifestyle. Most could care less and actually seem to welcome the diversity.

So on one hand you have straight athletes crossing over and playing in gay sports leagues, and here you have young couples raising their children happily in what used to be the forbidden zones. In West Hollywood in particular, you can guide your child and stroller past ever so tasteful landscaping and houses that were nicely renovated and reflective of a truly lovely environment. It seems as if there is a Pink Berry on every corner, so no child will be denied his treat.

What adds to the overall milieu are the gay couples who have for the most part adopted children, some are left over from earlier liaisons, also pushing strollers and holding hands with young toddlers as they take them shopping etc. It is also easy to find people who will work on your house, and for the most part these neighborhoods are in the city and close to employment.

So at the end of the day, if you want to live in a good neighborhood, some of the best neighborhoods are gay neighborhoods. So, hey, the necessity of finding a nurturing environment has led to tolerance and accommodation.

In a world this crazy and with all the nasty things we witness, this is truly a nice thing to see.

Same Sex Marriages May Prove a California Revenue Windfall

ARSENIO IS A FILIPINO GAY rights activist residing in San Francisco. In 2004, he married his partner in a same-sex marriage ceremony during the time San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom allowed marriages for same-sex couples. That marriage, however, was declared null and void by the California Supreme Court on Aug. 12, 2004.

Arsenio and his partner eventually separated.

Since then, the California Supreme Court has had the chance to re-visit the issue of same-sex marriages. This month, the California Supreme Court rendered a new decision legalizing same-sex marriages. This decision will take effect on June 17, 2008.

Gay-friendly SanFo

Being a US citizen, Arsenio wants to petition a new partner, a Filipino citizen. If he will marry his Filipino citizen partner, will he be able to confer US immigration benefit by petitioning him as a spouse?

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I have no real need to argue either the merits or the alleged dangers of same sex marriage. As more than one pundit has offered, “Gay people have the right to be just as miserable as straight people.” As for the sanctity of marriage, well, hey I am part of a background checking company. We see a lot of bad news, including all the domestic violence. And then there are the sexual offenders who we discover during preemployment screening. We see what they have been up to and how they move around to avoid detection. And more than a few are married. But I digress.

I was listening to public radio earlier this afternoon and the announcer said projections for California as a result of same sex marriages surpasses $1 Billion over the next three years. Now, even with the weak dollar and inflation, a Billion Bucks is still a nice chunk of change.

Some may argue we Californians will be selling our souls to get that million. I think it’s more like hotel rooms and catered affairs we are selling. And I’m quite sure there will be same sex excursions to our them parks, so even Disneyland will profit by the recent State Supreme Court ruling.

I’m sure that Gay people from across the United States will flock to California. Let’s face it, weather wise, it is better than getting married in Massachusetts. In California you can be reasonably sure your lovely outdoor ceremony won’t be rained out. But, yes, Massachusetts is the other state where same sex marriages are legal. Some thought the entire state would roil in the bowels of hell, but truth is the Celtics seem to be winning the Basketball Championships, so God can’t be all that upset. And even if the Celtics lose, it would be to the Lakers, who are in the other same sex state,. Pretty much a win-win in the same sex karmic scope of things.

Build it they will come. Pass it, and they will marry. So here they come. To marry. To honor the right to be just as miserable in marriage as any straight couple. So be it.

And if you are thinking of marriage, or you are dating and getting serious, straight or gay, you may want to run a background check to make sure you are not getting in deep with what may turn out to be the wrong kind of girl. Or guy. Whatever.

That Shiny Gloss on Your Lips Could Be Attracting the Sun and Not a Lover

Lip Balms and Glosses May Boost Skin Cancer Risks

Content provided by Health Day

(HealthDay News) — Shiny lip balms and glosses may attract ultraviolet rays and increase the risk of skin cancer, warns a dermatologist at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas.

Dr. Christine Brown noted that protecting your lips from harmful sun rays is as important as using sunscreen to protect your skin. But a recent study found that less than 25 percent of Americans use some form of lip protection.

Lips are more susceptible than skin to aging from chronic sun damage and also more prone to developing serious cancers.

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Lip gloss seems to come in and out of vogue. There are times when nothing seems more attractive on a woman than a smooth and shiny pair of lips. And then there are the cycles where either lipstick or flatter, mat tones are more in fashion.

But then there are the moments when you are getting ready to get down to some love marking business and you notice something funky protruding from the lips. You think to yourself is that a blemish of some sort or merely a food crumb that your date neglected to brush away.

So now we discover it may be some much more alarming. Something that not only ruins the aesthetic context but poses as a clear and present danger. And lip gloss may be bringing it on by attracting sun rays, which are no good. This I guess is one more contrasting article to our need for sunshine Vitamin D. but not in the mouth, I suppose.

Sun damaged lips, like sun damaged, leathery skin can ruin any budding relationship. It can transform what may have been first seen as a long term relationship into a short affair or an occasional session. Cause once you start thinking what’s this person going to look like five years from now, you can forget about making any long term romantic projections That’s how we are. We want to admit we are not. But we are.

Meanwhile, on the bottom line cancer can kill you. Cancer can at the least be debilitating psychologically and physically. And why are we are risking this horrible disease? So we can look cute. That is not a very good reason.

So cover up against the sun. You may think you look great all dark and brown with glossy, shiny lips and a very cool tan line. But when you start to look like a moldy old saddlebag you may have some regrets.

Remember, all shiny substances will attract the sun. And shiny dispositions can attract sexual predators who may think your an easy mark. So all things shiny can be dangerous, if in the wrong context. With sexual predators, you can run background checks and see if they really are who they say they are. A good background check will save you a lot of grief in the dating world. But there is no background check for disease. Only doctors and a whole lot of painful cure.

So protect those lips. And protect yourself. It’s a dangerous world out there. Even the sun is out to get you.

Sex in the City–You Better Be Careful

Over 75% of NY residents infected with genital herpes

MELBOURNE: Sex in New York just got riskier. A new study by the state government has shown that more than a quarter of the Big Apple’s adult residents are infected with the herpes virus — an incurable sexually-transmitted infection that can cause painful genital sores and can double a person’s risk for HIV.

According to CBS report, the findings have prompted a new push by health workers to encourage safe sex, with free condoms on offer.

The study, conducted by the New York Health Department, has shown that 26 per cent of New York’s residents have the virus that causes genital herpes, with national figure standing at 19%.

For the entire article go to The Times of India.

These are some pretty daunting figures. One in four in New York has been blessed with herpes. Okay, I know, there are all forms of herpes. But one in four? You have better odds with Russian Roulette.

The funny thing is sex is one of the endeavors will you will risk those odds just to get a little satisfaction. Sure the itching, scratching, trips to the doctor, and the warnings to the new lovers may come somewhere down the line. But for that night, it’s magic. And if it isn’t magic, the sexual encounter is enough to get you through the night and maybe even into another date. And you can have sex again. If the stars are hanging right and your lover’s herpes are not in full bloom.

What a world. Once upon a time you just go some ugly syphilis disease. You would get sick, body parts would all but fall off. You would go nuts, just like Al Capone, and then you would die an ignominious death. So much for the “it’s a good day to die” proverb when you have syphilis.

So now it is herpes. One in four. That is daunting enough, but it is New York, which should be upfront in chance encounters. But think of the national average. That is 19%. What are they doing out there? What abut all this stuff about abstinence and family values? Yes, you could argue it is, after all, only twenty percent of the time, give or take. But to get to a twenty percent affliction rate, a lot more people have to be doing the dirty with some very real sexual abandon.

I guess I have to ask what races through people’s minds when they are about to do it with a stranger. Do you pause to think, hey I have a one in four to one in five change I will receive the everlasting gift of herpes after this magic event? Do you rationalize and figure, hey, at least it isn’t AIDS?

I remember back when once having the warts test. The doctor smears some clear liquid on your privates and then looks you over under an ultraviolet light. Very psychedelic. I suppose a very abstract relic of the sixties, where all you had to worry about was crabs and gonorrhea. And maybe syphilis. So there you are under the black light, helping your doctor check for the tell tale signs of warts. “What’s that?” “Nothing. Just be more careful when you shave down there.”

As Corra the background screening company we check out people for people who date. But we can’t access medical records and tell you if the person you are dating is one of the one in four. No background check can turn that up.

So, I guess to borrow from the Dirty Harry Movies, before having sex with strangers “the thing you have to ask yourself is do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?”