Minstrel’s Alley Publishes Gordon Basichis’ New Novel, The Cuban Quartet

Minstrel’s Alley, an independent publishing and media group, has published author Gordon Basichis’ latest novel, “The Cuban Quartet,” an international romantic mystery, seeded on the rumors and legends surrounding missing mob money when Castro marched into Havana. The book is available in both trade paper back and eBook formats.

“We have great hopes for “The Cuban Quartet,” said Minstrel’s Alley Publisher and President, M.J. Hammond. “It is wonderful action adventure tale, filled with romance and international locations. This is a love story that is based on speculative incidents that may have occurred when Cuba fell to Fidel Castro in 1959. The main narrative occurs some thirty years later when the two protagonists must track down four rogue government agents who vanished like ghosts with millions in gold shortly after the Cuban Revolution.

“With Cuba so much in the news today, we figured this new work of fiction would draw a lot of interest. The core of the story is based on a projected event told to Gordon Basichis by an older friend, a former CIA agent, who as a young man had been stationed in Cuba less than a year before it fell.”

Hammond pointed out that “The Cuban Quartet” is rich in mood and texture and at times reads like a travelogue of some of the more exotic cities in the world. She noted that the novel was literally years in the making.

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