PC World wants your online dating yarns

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PC World is looking for online dating war stories for an upcoming Valentine’s Day article. 

“We’ve seen the happy endings, now let’s hear about the wacky hijinks . . .  You know, like the time your online date showed up with her/his/its pet ferret and kept calling her/his/its mother every five minutes”

Sounds like they really needs some good stories because these examples are horrible.  I have noticed many female 30-somethings expressing the symptoms of “eHarmony Fatigue” and are unmotivated to re-up for 3 more months.   Why?  They state that it is a lot of work!   They are tired of filling out the required online match questions  and then going out on lunch dates and Sunday dinner dates with boring guys. 

Perhaps this has addressed something that everyone is unwilling to state: the type of guy motivated to signup for eHarmony is not very interesting.  Allowing a software program to send you matches is an emasculating experience.  It is the same as getting set up by your mother; for a real man, this is not optimal.  At a most basic sub-textual level, men like the thrill of the hunt and women want to be chased.  eHarmony, while innovative, removes the danger from dating.  When you remove the danger, both men and women end up unsatisfied.