Dating Team Flirts with Online Services

He sported a balloon-animal hat in his photo. She was shirtless in hers. For success in online dating, be honest about who you are and who you want to meet, suggests Cece Drew.

“And have a good photo … or something that sticks out,” said the 23-year-old Great Falls cosmetologist, whose photo was tastefully cropped. She recently hooked prince charming with her quirky profile on

Since August, the Tribune has followed four Great Falls singles — Drew, Roger Peffer, Meg Boland and Travis Manus — sharing their ups and downs in the Electric City dating game.

As reported in the Tribune’s last update, Drew spent an afternoon and evening with a Bozeman man she met through The fire fizzled once he returned home, so she followed up with the balloon-hat guy from Havre, who she electronically “winked” at a couple weeks earlier.

“I thought I’d give it another try, so I e-mailed him,” Drew said. “He responded with a long (e-mail), saying he’d been away traveling on business.”