Getting Fried on the Tanning Bed

Sunbeds: For and Against

Sunbeds are very popular nowadays. Almost every single female have visited it at least once, it‘s becoming popular even between men. Does everybody who wants to be beautiful and adores sunbaths know everything that should be known about these inventions? Just like with most unnatural things sunbeds has many arguments for and against.

Sunbed guarantees that you will have a plane tan. That‘s what most women and men want. Moreover you won‘t have to lay for hours in exhausting heat. Only a few visits that take about 10 minutes and there you are – nicely brown. You don‘t even have to wait for summer and good weather, it‘s open all the time. Sunbeds are definitely very comfortable, but is it safe?

There‘s an opinion that sunbeds are safer than sun tanning, but it‘s certainly not true. Sunbeds use concentrated doses of ultraviolet radiation. It’s the same type of radiation that is produced by sun and is the main cause of skin cancer.

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There is no irony lost on Corra that here in Sunny California, legions of people make use of the tannings spas that proliferate this area. Here we are in at least one of the meccas for sunshine, and it seems people can’t get enough.

Since there is no shortage of vanity and self-indulgence here, it should be small wonder so many choose to lie on the glass for twenty minutes and fry their skins. Regardless of the health dangers. This article describes such dangers, and from what Corra has seen, many seem to hold true.

At the very least, one sees the aging actors with that lined and leathery skin. And then there are the younger actors with the premature lines that require botox and face work, all to stay darker in complexion than they care to be.

Some people do it for acting parts. With some, it makes them feel more attractive and better dating prospects. Some will do it when seeking employment. They believe a good appearance will supersede a resume and a thorough background check. Of course, there is some merit in all of that.

Corra had one friend who visited the tanning beds at least several times a week for his psychological and emotional well being. Until he developed cancer. While he has now eschewed the tanning beds, he still lies out in the sun on the weekends.

Go figure.