Women Who Love Bad Boys


Since they were teenagers, sparks have flown between Chloe Anderson and Gabe Mackenzie. Now, he’s back in town to light a fire in the woman he’s never been able to forget. When they sit down for a friendly game of poker, it turns into a game of seduction.

The stakes: their wildest desires.

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Corra read this blog article with a great deal of delight and amusement. Although it is some years past when the term bad boys was applicable here, Corra remembers all the “nice girls” fawning over all the bad boys. Most of course, got what was known as sensible and upon entering college abandoned their bad boy fantasies and settled usually for the more solid guy.

That is not to say they didn’t and in some cases don’t still pine for their moodier angels of the past. And in in some cases the girls actually stuck with the guy who somewhere along the line turned it around, opened a shop, went back to school or in some other way made a success of himself. Some human stories are filled with surprise.

And then there are the sadder stories, where the promising young woman marries the miscreant and finds herself in social and financial servitude for her girly years. Some smarten up and then leave the guy, while others hand in there, growing fat, dull and disappointed. To say the least, the excitement is gone.

But then there are those who stick it out and do find everlasting, whether they do well financially or not. To say nothing of the bad boys who bring home big bucks.

Then there is the issue of yearning. The issue or unrequited love. Love that sprang eternal for five minutes and then feel apart for any number of reasons. Parental disapproval is one of them. And then then couples reunite, years later, down the road. There is that excitement, the rekindling of latent passions. So many couples who separate and reunited years later claim it ” was just like before.”

So then the issue becomes are these people delusional or is there that strong of an imprint? More on this some other time.

Meanwhile, keep the romance in your life.

French Women Who Go It Alone

Corra was recently at the City of Lights, City of Angeles Film Festival, here in Los Angeles. The festival, known as CALCOA, is six glorious days of French Films in search of distribution in the United States. The films can range from comedies and gangster films, to deeper and more introspective entries.

While many American born cinephiles from the City of the Angels are in attendance, this festival brings out many French expatriates who have migrated to Southern California. Among them are a good many French women who come to the theater…alone. I mean, really alone.

Sure, some come with friends, a pack of women, but others just bring themselves. Now sure, this festival, which screens at the Directors Guild of America, is a safe environment for the single woman. But it is not the issue of safety that sparks Corra’s curiosity. Instead, the issue is how French women will show up single-0m while most American women would never dream of making a solo appearance.

American women are often too embarrassed. While there are a few who come by themselves to CALCOA, it is overwhelmingly the French women who show up single and in force. Surely, as Corra notes the wandering eyes and the hopeful looks on their faces, they are often there for more than the movie. It would be only natural they would hope to meet a guy in the type of environment that reflects similar tastes and affections.

With the French women you get the feeling that if they don’t meet a guy, then so what? So, Corra has to ponder if this is courage or merely an outgrowth of a cultural difference neither vaunted nor vilified in the media. Just a fact of life the French women take for granted, while the American women are programmed to die from embarrassment.

I guess this is the “table for one syndrome,” on a slightly different turn. Here at least no one really cares you came to the theater alone. Where when you are eating, everyone can sit and watch, feel sympathy, etc. In the theater, everyone is in the dark, staring at the film.

Whether more American woman should get out more often is a definite point of discussion. Whether they are safer roaming by themselves, than say the French women who have come from the relatively safer streets of Paris, is well worth noting. But Corra must wonder about the female Angelenos just denied themselves a very good time at a wonderful film festival.  They didn’t attend because they didn’t have a date, or girlfriends interested in accompanying them to the movies. American women denied a good time, because they were single.   As they say in French, Pathetique.

The Shopping Party May Be Over

Retailing Chains Caught in a Wave of Bankruptcies

The consumer spending slump and tightening credit markets are unleashing a widening wave of bankruptcies in American retailing, prompting thousands of store closings that are expected to remake suburban malls and downtown shopping districts across the country.

Since last fall, eight mostly midsize chains — as diverse as the furniture store Levitz and the electronics seller Sharper Image — have filed for bankruptcy protection as they staggered under mounting debt and declining sales.

But the troubles are quickly spreading to bigger national companies, like Linens ‘n Things, the bedding and furniture retailer with 500 stores in 47 states. It may file for bankruptcy as early as this week, according to people briefed on the matter.

Even retailers that can avoid bankruptcy are shutting down stores to preserve cash through what could be a long economic downturn. Over the next year, Foot Locker said it would close 140 stores, Ann Taylor will start to shutter 117, and the jeweler Zales will close 100.

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Corra thinks the shopping party may be over. At least for awhile. With nearly 70% of this nation’s economy relying on consumerism, it is small wonder in rough times that national chains are closing stores or filing Chapter 11.

Perhaps this is a time for reassessment. Perhaps it is time to figure out what you, the consumer needs, and what you don’t need. Will this new pair of shoes improve you life that much? Will the new whatever it is bring considerable smiles, or make dating any easier? Is that fact that you shop to you drop really what a mate is looking for?

Corra can go on forever, about fancy cars and fancier meals. We must question what is programmed as desirable behavior and what is really satisfying and gratifying. Not to be priggish here, but we are in a terrible downtown and more bad news is still ahead. Perhaps it is time for a national reassessment, a time when we start complaining about the predator nature of other countries and discipline ourselves.

Who knows, maybe in the end, we will find more satisfaction with each other as people, and not merely as accessories used to promote what often amounts to a lot of nonsense. Like junk food, it may feel good going down, but later, when the bill arrives, you end up with heartburn.

Getting Fried on the Tanning Bed

Sunbeds: For and Against

Sunbeds are very popular nowadays. Almost every single female have visited it at least once, it‘s becoming popular even between men. Does everybody who wants to be beautiful and adores sunbaths know everything that should be known about these inventions? Just like with most unnatural things sunbeds has many arguments for and against.

Sunbed guarantees that you will have a plane tan. That‘s what most women and men want. Moreover you won‘t have to lay for hours in exhausting heat. Only a few visits that take about 10 minutes and there you are – nicely brown. You don‘t even have to wait for summer and good weather, it‘s open all the time. Sunbeds are definitely very comfortable, but is it safe?

There‘s an opinion that sunbeds are safer than sun tanning, but it‘s certainly not true. Sunbeds use concentrated doses of ultraviolet radiation. It’s the same type of radiation that is produced by sun and is the main cause of skin cancer.

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There is no irony lost on Corra that here in Sunny California, legions of people make use of the tannings spas that proliferate this area. Here we are in at least one of the meccas for sunshine, and it seems people can’t get enough.

Since there is no shortage of vanity and self-indulgence here, it should be small wonder so many choose to lie on the glass for twenty minutes and fry their skins. Regardless of the health dangers. This article describes such dangers, and from what Corra has seen, many seem to hold true.

At the very least, one sees the aging actors with that lined and leathery skin. And then there are the younger actors with the premature lines that require botox and face work, all to stay darker in complexion than they care to be.

Some people do it for acting parts. With some, it makes them feel more attractive and better dating prospects. Some will do it when seeking employment. They believe a good appearance will supersede a resume and a thorough background check. Of course, there is some merit in all of that.

Corra had one friend who visited the tanning beds at least several times a week for his psychological and emotional well being. Until he developed cancer. While he has now eschewed the tanning beds, he still lies out in the sun on the weekends.

Go figure.

Looking Good, Naturally. Check Yourself Out.

Your health in many ways can reflect in your general appearance. Be it your skin or body, the term ‘you are what you eat’ is the perfect way to describe the importance of a balanced and healthy diet that will leave you feeling naturally beautiful both inside and out.

Beauty is something that most women and in some ways men consider often throughout ones lives. In search of a better appearance men and women spend thousands on make-up, clothes, tanning products etc. The drive to be attractive is present in nearly all people, whether they admit it or not.

The problem is most forget the vital key to this secret. Whilst many of us are consumed in means to improve our looks, a natural approach to this is often overlooked. There are many of us prepared to pay for a make-over, whilst eating a greasy take-away.

When looking at general health on the whole, the only way to look good and fell better is to use natural health products, this rule applies for both: Psychological and physical reasons.

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Corra is a big believer in natural products. You can look good and avoid some very serious diseases that can occur when using products with dangerous additives. The Environmental Working Group is a terrific site for researching what products are harmful and which are not.

There are a number of chemicals that have harmful side effects. Some will cause skin rash or irritation. Fragrances can make your head itch, bring on more skin rashes and otherwise make your day miserable. More often than not, the users aren’t even aware of what is causing their ciscomfort.

In worse case scenarios, chemicals can cause serious diseases. But then with idnviduals, even natural fragrances and additives cause cause people to break out, start sneezing, work on any variety of sensitivities. But the main thing about the natural ingredients is they may cause these sensitivities but for the most part they won’t leave you truly ill or dead.

After all, you are buying skincare and haircare products because you want to look good and not dead. You want to be attractive, feel good about yourself and feel good about what you are doing to the environment, your own and that of the universe.

And as this article attests, eat right. Eating right is so important. Eating right and eating correctly. Good table manners don’t hurt, either. Talk about a dying tradition. But I digress.

Eat the right food. Food that sits well. Food that tastes good, for sure, but that is healthy. There is enough junky food out there, not just junkfood, but food laced with dangerous additives to fill a waste dump. Think not? Think China and the lousy additives that have proven toxic and have killed pets throughout this fair land of ours. You really think you are not getting some dangerous stuff added to your…well…Chinese Food?

So be smart. Eat natural. Go to the farmer’s market on weekends. That’s right, pick yourself up and get out there. Buy food that is locally grown and has no sprays. Your body will thank you, and so will your lover who, if you do things right will be craving your body.

It’s the smart thing to do.