Minstrel’s Alley Launches Marketing Campaign for Gordon Basichis’ New Novel, The Cuban Quartet

Minstrel’s Alley, an independent publishing and media group, has launched a comprehensive marketing campaign for its latest novel, “The Cuban Quartet,” by Gordon Basichis. The new book is romantic mystery thriller based in the mythical skullduggery of the old American Gangsters and the CIA just before Castro marched victoriously into Havana. The book is published in trade paperback and eBook formats.

The Cuban Quartet,” is a literary thrill ride,” said Minstrel’s Alley Publisher and President, M.J. Hammond. “It is romantic adventure tale that takes advantage of exotic locations around the world.    At heart, the novel contains a love story that based on speculative incidents that some say occurred when Cuba fell to Fidel Castro and the Communists, in 1959.”

“Most of the books is set some thirty years later, in the eighties when the story’s offbeat protagonist’s search after the four rogue government agents who disappeared with millions in gold shortly after the fall of Batista.”

Hammond pointed out with Cuba a newsworthy topic, “The Cuban Quartet,” enjoys a timeliness and a sophistication that should appeal both to male and female readers. She noted the story is plot driven but embellished with rich characters, both as the main protagonists and in supporting plot lines.

“We are building a comprehensive marketing package around this novel,” said Hammond. “We are working all the social media venues and will soon be advertising the book in a digital format. We are also offering its author, Gordon Basichis, for reading engagements. Previously, Gordon has been reluctant to involve himself with reading engagements due to the demands business he Co-Founded, Corra Group, which specializes in background checks and corporate research.

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Minstrel’s Alley Publishes Gordon Basichis’ New Novel, The Cuban Quartet

Minstrel’s Alley, an independent publishing and media group, has published author Gordon Basichis’ latest novel, “The Cuban Quartet,” an international romantic mystery, seeded on the rumors and legends surrounding missing mob money when Castro marched into Havana. The book is available in both trade paper back and eBook formats.

“We have great hopes for “The Cuban Quartet,” said Minstrel’s Alley Publisher and President, M.J. Hammond. “It is wonderful action adventure tale, filled with romance and international locations. This is a love story that is based on speculative incidents that may have occurred when Cuba fell to Fidel Castro in 1959. The main narrative occurs some thirty years later when the two protagonists must track down four rogue government agents who vanished like ghosts with millions in gold shortly after the Cuban Revolution.

“With Cuba so much in the news today, we figured this new work of fiction would draw a lot of interest. The core of the story is based on a projected event told to Gordon Basichis by an older friend, a former CIA agent, who as a young man had been stationed in Cuba less than a year before it fell.”

Hammond pointed out that “The Cuban Quartet” is rich in mood and texture and at times reads like a travelogue of some of the more exotic cities in the world. She noted that the novel was literally years in the making.

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Logos of the Luxury Brands. From Status Symbol to Class War Target.

logo handbag luis vuitton

I’ve never been a fan of branding logos. Says to me, besides the obvious, you have no taste, no understanding of quality or composition, and you have a problem defining yourself through discretionary consumption. So you buy this fucking logo-centric whatever it is so your peers won’t piss on your Jimmy Choo Shoes. That is, until that particular brand falls out of favor and gets summarily dumped on the Costco table or some off brand store where Clarence of Fruit of the Loom buys it for a fraction of the price so he can flaunt it while clubbing in Azuza. Oh where are you now Von Dutch or Ed Hardy, to name but a few?

But, hey, in a world where subtlety is anything but subtle, the logo found its place among the luxury consumer goods. Clothing, linens, towels, even furniture, there was the logo saying to the world, yes, I am this obvious.

But now logos are out of favor among the affluent. No logos accepted here to tart up those $15 thousand handbags and $3 thousand dollar scarves. Many claim just say no to logos because they want to go it lower key. The years of logo love has yielded to the siren call of the understatement. Bad taste is so this morning.

Or… is it really the sudden recognition that if you are dumb enough to go flaunting the fact that you have money to burn, those with barely any money to eat may decide to barbecue your ass over your Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill. So now comes that sudden recognition, much of it in the guise of changing tastes, and with that many of the luxury brands who once promoted the precious logo are falling out of favor, losing market share. Wondering what the hell to do when the rich don’t want to look wealthy anymore. Can K-Mart be far behind?



Minstrel’s Alley Promoting Beautiful Bad Girl Book for Summer Readers

Beautiful Bad Girl

Los Angeles media concern, Minstrel’s Alley, is promoting its bestselling book, Beautiful Bad Girl, The Vicki Morgan Story, for summer reading. The book, written by author, Gordon Basichis, tells the torrid love affair between department store scion, Alfred Bloomingdale, and his mistress, Vicki Morgan. The book has been described as a real life Fifty Shades of Gray.

“We are seeing a lot of activity on this book right now, “said M. J. Hammond, Minstrel’s Alley Publisher. Gordon Basichis was recently interviewed by Optimen Productions for its new television series, Scorned: Love Kills. Beautiful Bad Girl, the Vicki Morgan Story, has been optioned for a film. A script is being written. We’ll have more on that in the coming months.”

Hammond noted that Beautiful Bad Girl, the Vicki Morgan Story, is a biographical novel that chronicles the tempestuous love affair that made international headlines while defining exotic sexual mores among the rich and famous, during the eighties. “It is wild ride depicting the sexual demons of the rich and powerful,” said Hammond. “It has been a bestseller for Minstrel’s Alley. It’s been more than two decades since the book was first published, and it just keeps on selling.

“People’s tastes have changed since the book was first published,” said Hammond. “The popularity of Fifty Shades of Gray and Beautiful Bad Girl serve as testimony to public’s changing taste and the openness to different sexual proclivities, including bondage, discipline, and sado-masochism Few women lived their lives like Vicki Morgan, and with Beautiful Bad Girl our readers gain insight into a world that fascinates them on different levels. On one hand, it is a tragic story about obsessive romance and murder. On another, it helps define female empowerment and the ability to live out one’s personal adventures.”

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Minstrel’s Alley Preps The Blood Orange Novel for American Film Market

Blood Orange CoverMinstrel’s Alley announced it was prepping its novel, The Blood Orange, for sale at the American Film Market, in early November. The Los Angeles based media company believes the five day event in Santa Monica provides access to the more than 1,0000 production companies that are not only looking to sell their currently produced films but are looking to hear pitches and buy new projects for future production.

“As a former film and television executive I understand the dynamics of the American Film Market,” said Minstrel’s Alley Publisher, M.J. Hammond. This is a great opportunity to meet with production executives and film distributors, to pitch them ideas and, in our case, hand them books we feel would make outstanding feature productions.

“I believe Minstrel’s Alleys has several books that could translate easily into excellent films,” said Hammond. “We believe The Blood Orange is just a natural for a film. More than any romantic mystery I’ve read in a long time, The Big Orange captures the reality of modern day Los Angeles. In this offbeat and character driven novel, the City of Los Angeles is a major character all to itself. This sultry thriller takes historic elements of the Old California and melds them with modern day Los Angeles. We see the divisions and dynamics of America’s most futuristic city.”


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